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Top reasons you should use a master builder to handle the whole design and construction of your home


One of the most often asked questions by home builders and renovators is whether you should use the services of an architect to oversee a build or a master builder to handle your project from start to finish, known as a Design and Construct service.


Let's unpack what a master builder means and how they can add value to the construction of your dream home.


What is a master builder?

A master builder is, first and foremost, a member of a state or national Master Builders Association (MBA). To become a member of the Association, builders must adhere to a strict code of conduct that requires they achieve work of the highest quality.


A master builder must demonstrate they have the qualifications, experience and workmanship abilities to join the association. Their body of work must comply with all the building codes, laws and regulations of your state and they must actively work to improve their skills, be honest with clients and act with integrity.


There’s also a financial component to membership – they submit references subcontractors and suppliers so the Association can ensure your project is safe in their expert hands.


There are master builders who work across the whole spectrum of the construction industry, including residential, industrial and commercial. To check if your builder is a master builder, visit your local MBA website (to look up builders in Sydney, go to


Why it makes sense to choose a master builder for your project.

In a nutshell, to become a member of the MBA, a builder must be among the best in the industry.


Building or renovating a home is a mammoth task requiring a wide range of skills and expertise. You want someone with the right knowledge and track record to work with you throughout the building process and bring your vision to reality.


Master builders are always fully licensed, registered and insured so you can have complete peace of mind when they’re working on your home. 


What can Master builders do?

Some Master builders, like HMA, can do everything an architect does – assess your project, come up with design (using qualified architects and draftsmen) to your specifications and apply for approvals on your behalf, this is called a Design and Construct service.


Once construction begins, an architect’s role is to project manage the building process, making sure that everything proceeds as planned. However, a master builder can also perform this role as well as constructing your home, often for much lower fees.


Master builders can:


  • Assess your project and determine whether your vision can be achieved and on budget.
  • Perform a comprehensive feasibility assessment to make sure local regulations will allow you to build what you want, where you want it.
  • Design your home, including preparing drawings, creating structural engineering plans and more.
  • Submit plans and seek approval from your local council.
  • Prepare contracts and fixed price cost analyses.
  • Construct your home –  Master builders should keep in regular contact with you throughout the build via phone and email to appraise you of progress. They should also organise site inspections, so you can see your home come to life.

If you live in Sydney and are thinking of renovating but don't know where to start, contact HMA and we can begin planning your new dream home.