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Benefits Of Using a small, family-run Builder For Your Next Project

Are you looking for a builder to take over your next construction project? Not sure if you should hire a small, local, family-run builder? You've come to the right place! Home Mend Australia has the...

The Importance of Detailed Quotes

If you’ve never built or renovated before, it can be hard to know what to look for in a quote. However we strongly recommend you always obtain a detailed builders quote; this will ensure you can make...

House Additions & What You Should Consider

So, you know you need to extend your house, but have you fully considered all the aspects of doing so? Below we’ll look at three important factors to consider before starting your renovation...

Top 3 Questions to ask Your Builder before the build starts

Whether you’re building a new property or renovating an existing one, during construction your builder will be one of the most important people in your life! That’s because your builder is...

How to Practice Good Hygiene on the Construction Site

Regardless of the nature of the workplace, cleanliness and personal hygiene are key practices to ensure employee health, productivity and reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents and sickness....

Why do a lot of builders go quiet at the end of the year?

As Santa prepares his annual visit down our chimneys, and the reindeers get all fired up to sweet the skies – there's a lot happening. The festive vibes are in full swing, and we're all running...

What should you do? Knockdown and rebuild or complete major renovations?

If you’re dealing with a property that’s seen better days, weighing up your options can be half the challenge. It can all easily become overwhelming.   The truth is, renovations can often be...

Renovating a house vs buying a renovated house. Which is more ideal?

So, you’ve worked hard, hidden away every spare dollar and are now, finally in position to launch into the property market. Congratulations!   But don’t be fooled into thinking all the hard work...

Home renos you wish you had completed before winter

If you’re going through a loaf of bread a day, just to keep your hands warm over the toaster; it’s probably time to think about some ways to snug up your surrounds. Terraces houses and...

Building on a small block of land? No problem!

The average size of a block of land in Australia is rapidly decreasing. Houses are becoming closer together, backyards are becoming smaller, and we are running out of room for our family activities....