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Choosing the right builder for your project is vital

Why choose us?

So, you've decided to take the plunge and build. Choosing the right builder is paramount when having a renovation done on your most valuable asset, your family home. You want your builder to have experience, knowledge and expertise in the type of home you are building or renovating. If you needed a heart operation, you wouldn't have it done by a GP, you would engage a cardiologist. The same principal can be used when renovating a terrace, period style home or adding a garage studio. 

Numerous times we have visited peoples homes to look at potential jobs where the plans have already been drawn by someone else and straightaway we have found issues with the design. Issues which other builders may have missed.

  • We have seen floor level heights designed where a set of internal stairs can't be installed that would comply to the BCA and Australian Standards. Something that can be hard to achieve in terrace homes. The clients had to have floor levels redesigned, in order to have compliant stairs installed.
  • We have seen footings designed by an engineer that would potentially cause damage to the neighbouring terraces.
  • We have seen designs that do not provide the required fire rating to the neighbouring properties.
  • We have been to completed properties where hundred of thousands of dollars worth of works have been completed by other builders and seen issues developing because some of the most important issues haven't been dealt with. e.g. rising damp and sub floor ventilation.

Thanks to our extensive experience in renovating terraces and period-style homes, we are able to see/anticipate many problems before building commences. Saving valuable time and money.

Why choose us for Design and Construct

Often we hear stories of clients who have had their plans drawn up and sent to council and been approved, however once quotes have come in they are well and truly over budget. With our design and construct service, we ensure this doesn't happen. Paul liaises with our draftsman and architect all the way through the design phase, producing elemental estimates and giving a build perspective of the design to ensure the design is within budget. Then, in the Fixed Price Cost Analysis stage, we use all the documentation produced to send to our suppliers and contractors. We shop around for the best pricing and do a detailed take off to produce an accurate fixed cost to carry out the build. Ensuring there are no huge surprises at the end. 

We believe the best way to pick a builder is from word-of-mouth endorsements

We are a family run business and understand that your house is your most valuable asset, just like ours is to us. Our main goal is to provide you with the home of your dreams, making you so happy that you recommend us to all your family and friends. 

At HMA, most of our work comes from client and associate recommendations. Many clients have been so happy with their end results they have called upon us again for further projects. We have a team of architects, draftspeople and interior designers who we regularly consult and liaise with, resulting in truly unique building projects crafted with expertise for a professional result. 

Please click on our Testimonials page to view comments from satisfied customers. Alternatively, to discuss your next project, please click on the Contact Us page or call us on 0411116969.