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6 Great ideas for garage renovations


Whether it’s to indulge your hobbies, get some distance from your teenager’s drum kit or start a new home business, everyone can do with a little extra space at home – and garage studio renovations or additions are a great way to get it.


A garage studio is quite simply adding a space above your garage. Today we will be speaking about garage studio makeovers and renos. How you use that extra space is entirely up to you! The options are only limited by your imagination, as the following creative ideas prove.


  1. A wonderland for kids. If you’ve got a few young ones at home, you’re probably well acquainted with the noise and energy playtime can bring. When you can no longer hear yourself think, send them out to their garage studio playspace while you get a bit of respite! You could add a full playground kit including gym mats for safety, monkey bars, swings and roundabouts if you’ve got the room, or a music studio, art easels or a reading corner if they’re preferred pursuits are less physical. Best of all, the mess stays in the garage conversion where you can’t see it!
  2. Chic room for guests. When the relatives descend, send them to the garage! You could convert your space into a mini guesthouse complete with all the little luxuries people need when they’re away from home. You could even add a sink, shower and toilet if you’re so inclined – no more queuing for the bathroom! When nobody is visiting, you can use it as a room-of-your-own far away from the family chaos – it will be like going on holiday in your backyard!
  3. The coolest lounge bar. Ever wanted your own tiki lounge or cocktail bar? Now you can! Neighbours will be green with envy when they peer over the fence at your beautifully appointed liquor cabinet, comfy lounges and DJ turntable. Or you could add a retractable movie screen, projector, sound system and popcorn machine so the whole street can come watch the latest flicks in style. The future is now!
  4. The ultimate man cave. Yes, a garage is also a man cave of sorts, but it could be so much better. Garage studio additions can include a complete games room with pool table, darts, foosball – whatever takes your competitive fancy. Dedicate a corner to video games with friends and family, with a big screen, large couch and fridge for snacks and beverages – you’ll have trouble getting them to leave. If you’ve got the room, you could also combine your man cave with a cool lounge bar – how awesome would that be!
  5. A more convenient way to get fit. Everyone's flat out these days, it's hard to find time for a workout. Not if your gym is right outside your door! Keep all the family in shape with your favourite cardio and strength machines, dedicate a section for warm-ups or meditation and add a filtered water tap for hydration. And just think of all the unused gym membership fees you could save – the conversion will pay for itself in no time.
  6. Work from home – out the back. The world of work is changing – more people than ever are choosing to work remotely for greater home/life balance. Your garage renovations or studio additions could create the perfect office space to do your best work in peace. It’s a great option for freelancers of every description – designers, writers or painters.


If we’ve got you thinking hard about how these garage renovations and additions could seriously make a difference at your house, give us a call. We’ve got you covered!