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Home renos you wish you had completed before winter


If you’re going through a loaf of bread a day, just to keep your hands warm over the toaster; it’s probably time to think about some ways to snug up your surrounds. Terraces houses and Period style homes are notorious for being cold and draughty in winter. If half the rooms in your house are sub-arctic no-go zones in winter, you’ll want to consider ways you can claim those rooms back during your renovation.  

We’ve put together our top three suggestions for affordable ways you can warm up your home in winter.

  1. In-floor heating

    Our feet can suffer a lot in winter, especially on those frosty Sydney mornings. You can give your tootsies a treat and warm up your entire room by installing in-floor heating. This is a perfect option for bathrooms in particular because bathroom tiles are generally highly effective at conducting heat. The heat generated by the in-floor system will evenly distribute throughout the room because the heat is emitted slowly through the floor. Your time in the bathroom will go up we can guarantee it! It is a great option under polished concrete in living areas and bedrooms too. There are a few different types of In-floor heating available including Hydronic and electric. Talk to Paul and he can tell you which is best for your home. 

  2. Insulation

    You can have heaters dialled to the max in every room, but if your home is poorly insulated you are effectively pouring money down the drain. Insulation is obviously easiest to install when you are already renovating or building. When you consider that up to 35 per cent of your home’s heat can be lost through the roof alone it makes sense to think about installing some form of insulation up top. If you’re prepared to face more disruption and want maximum insulation, opt for floor and wall insulation as well. If these options prove out of pocket, at the very least pop some rugs down, they are not as effective as floor insulation but can help.

  3. Indoor fire

    Human beings and fire have a long and symbiotic relationship. One popular theory posits the only reason our ancestors ventured down from the trees to sleep was because they discovered fire and finally had a means of defence against predators. So when you start thinking about installing a fireplace in your home, you can justify the expense by telling yourself you are getting back to your roots! It can be an expense; if your home doesn’t have an existing fireplace and particularly if it’s two storeys, you will need to fork out for chimney installation. However fireplaces add warmth and value to your home, they come in a huge range of styles (stone, traditional brick, painted brick, with wooden mantles etc) and they encourage families to spend time together.  They have copped a bad rap for their low energy efficiency but modern versions feature energy trapping parts that increase efficiency.

    If a wood burning fireplace isn't an option, there is always gas fireplaces or you could opt for a direct vent gas fireplace. These self-contained fireplaces can be installed within a day or two. Note if you have your heart set on a traditional fireplace (or even a wood heater) you’ll need to consult your local council first to comply with regulations.

    Whatever direction your renovations take there’s always plenty of options to help you survive the winter chill. Contact us to discuss what will work for you! 0411 116 969 or