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House Additions & What You Should Consider


So, you know you need to extend your house, but have you fully considered all the aspects of doing so? Below we’ll look at three important factors to consider before starting your renovation journey…

What are you hoping to achieve? (and how?!)

Some of the top reasons Australians choose to extend their homes are to:

  • Accommodate a growing family
  • Add value to the property
  • Maximise comfort; and
  • Create more space for leisure

If any of the above sounds like you, it’s important to recognise that some renovation projects achieve these goals and more, while others leave homeowners underwhelmed and disappointed. This often comes back to having a clear understanding of what you are hoping to achieve, and how best to achieve it.

If the main goal of your house addition is to add value for example, it’s worth spending time researching the styles, features and design elements which appeal to most buyers first so you can incorporate these elements into the new space.

Whatever your rationale for expanding, it’s critical to carefully thinking through what shape and form your renovations will take and how they will impact you long-term. Will the style and design features you’re considering now feel out-dated in ten years’ time? Can the extra bedrooms you currently want for growing teenagers be cleverly designed to accommodate different uses in the future when your space requirements change? Would you be better off investing in a rentable granny flat in the back yard, rather than adding more rooms to your current home?

Will you need alternative accommodation?

This will depend to some degree on the extent of extensions you’re seeking. You may be able to get away with staying put if renovations are relatively minor; however, you’ll want to fully understand the likely impacts of the renovation before making that call. Will the backyard be filled with construction equipment? Do you mind tradies walking past your bedroom windows all day? How about the dust and the noise? If your kitchen and bathroom/s are involved, it’s likely that a move for at least some portion of the renovation is on the cards. Your builders will support this decision; with you and any other members of your household out of the way, their job becomes much simpler!

Finally, don’t forget your neighbours

Your neighbours will obviously be very interested to know how they’ll be impacted by your renovation project. Sometimes, additions to your house can impact your neighbours in ways you may not have considered; neighbours can legitimately feel aggrieved if they feel that your build will detract from their privacy, their view or their access to sunlight.

They also will likely have the more standard concerns about noise, parking shortages and additional traffic in the street. While in most cases, if your renovations comply with the relevant planning regulations, you are within your rights to proceed, it’s still worthwhile considering how you could make the process easier on your neighbours. This may simply mean communicating clearly with your neighbours about your planned renovations and updating them regularly once the project starts.

At HMA, you can trust us to deliver a personalised renovation tailored to your needs. Contact us today.