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The Importance of Detailed Quotes


If you’ve never built or renovated before, it can be hard to know what to look for in a quote. However we strongly recommend you always obtain a detailed builders quote; this will ensure you can make an informed decision and avoid unscrupulous operators.


So What Does a Detailed Quote Look Like?


A detailed quote should contain an itemised breakdown of costs and clearly state pricing. This means you’ll be able to see exactly how much is being quoted for every component of the build. For example, the following components might be included as itemised costs:

  • Demolition
  • Retaining walls
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Painting (interior and exterior)
  • Carpentry
  • Tiling
  • Electrical works
  • Floor polishing

A detailed quote should also allow for contingencies and include every cost associated with the build or, clearly state which services/features have not been included.


The 3 Top Benefits of a Detailed Quote


1. Opportunities for Cost Saving

A detailed quote gives you, the client, an opportunity to reduce costs and identify areas of concern. For instance if you see you’re spending $7,000 on bathroom fixtures, you can reassess your tapware and cabinetry decisions and incorporate more affordable choices. A detailed quote also gives you the ability to query your builder on charges for certain services or materials which seem excessive.


2. It Helps You Avoid Hidden Costs

When we talk about a detailed quote, we mean a transparent quote; one which allows you to see exactly what is included in the complete cost of your build. At HMA we are committed to ensuring our clients don’t encounter any nasty surprises after contract sign-off. However, some builders unfortunately don’t offer this commitment.

Without a detailed quote you can end up facing a variety of additional charges for services you didn’t even realise you needed, sending your budget way into the red!

Some of the common ‘hidden charges’ that can be left out of builder’s quotes include things like:

  • The cost of preparing the site - your builder should visit the build site before quoting to ensure they offer you a realistic assessment of the cost of preparing the site for construction. This process could involve excavation, soil removal and demolition works; costs which naturally vary from site to site.
  • Hardware - it’s not uncommon for features like door handles, tap fittings and appliances to be left out of builder’s quotes. The cost of these items can add up, especially if you want a luxurious look and feel
  • Electrical additions - This won’t apply if you’re getting a new build, but for renovations particularly on older homes, it’s worth finding out whether there’s a potential extra cost for redoing wiring which isn’t compliant with current legislation.


3. It Allows You to Directly Compare Quotes

Let’s say you obtain three different quotes from three different builders, each with a very basic total price and few other details. How can you possibly compare quotes when you have no idea what is actually included in each quote or how each total was calculated? It’s like comparing apples and oranges!

When you obtain three detailed quotes on the other hand, you’re able to accurately assess which builder is offering you the best option and which quote will actually sit within your budget, once all potential costs have been factored in.

At HMA we are committed to providing you with an accurate fixed cost. Want your build to stick to budget? Contact us today.