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The Benefits of Becoming a Builder’s Apprentice When You Are Young


Becoming a builder’s apprentice means helping him out on-duty. They are very similar to internships where you learn how a business functions, and get some field experience. However, most internships are unpaid, while apprenticeships are not.

Apprenticeships might be something your parents are forcing you into while all you want to do is chill your friends, we are here to tell you the life-changing benefits of becoming a builder’s apprentice:

1.    Early Salary

By becoming a builder’s apprentice, you earn a paycheck for all the work you do, and don’t even have to leave school. Exciting, isn’t it?

As you start to master more skills and impress your employer, you might be eligible for appraisals. You get an immediate job and a steady wage subject to an increment policy- what more can someone want?

In fact, since the Australian government is big on supporting the early development of skilled labour, you and your employee both are eligible to a range of financial incentives and benefits.

2.    Hands-On Experience

Now imagine that once you graduate, you plan on going towards building. You complete all your necessary education in theory, but due to the lack of practical, on-field experience, you struggle to get or retain a job.

With the unemployment rate sky-high, it is smart to invest time to polish up your skills, turn theory into practice, and gain insight into the world of a builder.

3.    Chances of Earning a Higher Wage

Once you become the perfect builder’s apprentice and learn the know-how, you will be subject to a dramatically higher wage.

When you go out to seek a new building-related job, you will have not just the education, but also the experience and skills that many people twice your age would not have. This means that you are likely to earn a significantly higher wage than your co-workers.

4.    No Pre-Requisites Required

Once you graduate, workplaces will ask to see your resume. If you have no skills or experience to show, you will likely be rejected.

Becoming a builder’s apprentice does not require you to complete a paper or give a job test. You can simply dive right in, learn the basics, and become a part of the workplace.

5.    Flexibility

Unlike getting a full-time job, becoming an apprentice allows you to be flexible with your time.

You can adjust your on-site working hours or days according to your schedule and still get a nationally recognized qualification that you can use anywhere in Australia.

6.    No Discrimination

You don’t have to worry about being bullied or feeling incompetent among senior builders.

By becoming a builder’s apprentice, you are eligible for the same rights as all the workers. You will not face any discrimination of any kind. In fact, your co-workers will be kinder to you to help you adjust to the workplace environment.